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Cookies are called some very small information text files that are used by browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and help in the better operation of a website by allowing it to recognize the preferences of the user each time he/she returns to it. On the site, there are 4 different types of these text files:

Functionality Cookies: They allow the execution of basic functions of the site. These cookies do not collect information about visitors that could be used for marketing purposes or to remember the web pages they have browsed on the internet.

Advertising Cookies: These cookies are necessary to display advertisements related to the user’s preferences.

Statistics Cookies: They measure user traffic and help the administrators of the to improve the content of the website resulting in the better experience for visitors. These cookies do not collect any personal information leading to the identification of the visitor.

Preference Cookies: Cookies that help the Website to display personalized content for the user.

This website uses cookies for its proper functioning and the optimal experience of its visitors.

The user / visitor can modify the browser settings to block some or all cookies. However, if cookies are blocked, may be a part of the content will not be displayed on the Website

For being informed about the procedure followed regarding the personal data of the users / visitors, please read the “Privacy Policy” provided.

Storage and Security of the Personal Data of the User / Visitor of the Website

The company implements every modern means that provides security and protection of the personal data it collects and maintains.

Subchapter 2.2 describes in detail how the personal data collected by the Website are stored and retained.

In addition, the Website is hosted on a server that meets all security requirements, uses dedicated applications / plugins to prevent spams and intruders, and communicates with the browser of users / visitors with encrypted protocol HTTPS (SSL-Secure Sockets Layer) thus ensuring the secure exchange of data between the two sides, preventing any interception by malicious users.

The company’s main computer, the Microsoft OneDrive as well as any other electronic device used by the company is secured by using Norton Antivirus software.

For more information you can contact the business via email:

Payments of Products/Services

At this time, the Website does not have an e-shop service and any purchase made is executed either through a bank account or in person, following all the legal procedures provided by Greek legislation.

Embedded Content from other Websites

In the content of the Website may be incorporated from time to time content from other websites (eg videos, images, articles, etc.). This embedded content should be treated in exactly the same way as if the user / visitor were visiting the other website.  These websites may collect data of the users / visitors, use cookies, integrate third-party tracking systems and monitor how users/visitors interact with the content. The Website bears no responsibility for the collection and processing of data from these other websites.

Data Controller and Data Protection Officer

The controller of the Website  is Ioannis Georgiadis.

The company, due to its size, is not obliged to cooperate with a Data Protection Officer.

Personal Data Breach

In the event that it comes to the attention of the business that maintains the Website any kind of violation of the personal data it collects and maintains, it should be reported within 72 hours, in case it has been found that they have been lost or stolen.

Transmission of Data to Third Parties

The personal data collected and maintained by the company are not transmitted to third parties unless this is required through a court decision or by law or contract with public or European authorities.

Rights of Users / Visitors in Relation to the Processing of Personal Data

Users / visitors of the Website have the right of access to find out what are the data processed by the company and why they are processed, the right of correction to be able to update their data or correct any errors that exist, the right to delete from the records of the company or cooperating bodies that perform the processing,  the right to processing and the right to portability in case they want to receive the data in a specific form.

In the event that any of the aforementioned rights are used, there is no cost and the company is obliged to implement any request within thirty (30) days of receiving it, unless for some very specific reason it is not feasible.

In cases where a user / visitor wants to be deleted from the list of newsletters or to update his details, then he/she is given the direct opportunity to do so through the e-mails he/she receives from the company or through communication with the company via the e-mail address:


Special Terms of Use


Dispute Resolution

Due to the fact that the use of the Website is governed by Greek law, for any dispute that may arise, the Courts of Thessaloniki are designated competent to resolve it.

There is also the possibility of resolving any disputes between businesses and consumers through the EU Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform.

Changes to the Usage Policy and the Website

The company, depending on the developments at a business and not only level, reserves its right to make changes to the Website, its content provided, its products / services, as well as its operation, in order to serve its users / visitors more effectively.

In this context, there may be a requirement to revise parts of this policy of use and the terms of use, without the company being obliged to inform its users / visitors. It is suggested that users / visitors visit the page where the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy are presented to inform them of any changes.

Acceptance of the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the Website

This text constitutes an agreement between the company and each user / visitor of the Website and is governed by the following terms of use in accordance with the relevant Greek and European Legislation and the rules of International Law.

These Terms and Conditions of Use as well as this Privacy Statement, which can be found on the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use website, if the user / visitor uses the Website, accepts them and consents to the use of personal data.

For more information you can contact the company at the following e-mail address:

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